Eco-Friendly Brands Spotlight: Souley Green, Earthly Singapore and Nature Leaf

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It can be overwhelming to make a decision on the spot when buying daily necessities such as household items, supplements or food. Which is the best choice for the planet, the healthiest for our bodies and sustainable for our wallet? There is so much information about eco-friendly shopping but what is available locally here in Singapore? This is the first episode of a series of articles sharing the personal stories behind eco-friendly brands on susGain, all driven by the urge to offer you more eco-friendly shopping choices.

With susGain you can now easily find all those amazing local eco-friendly brands that care, earn cashback and support a local charity of choice!

Meet Jaslyn Goh from Souley Green

Jaslyn Goh

Do you have a quote or saying you live by?

I don’t have a quote that I live by, but I often find inspiration or motivation from ‘female founders’ Podcasts and IG pages. I find it so inspirational how female founders worldwide strive to have financial freedom on their own while doing good for the planet. As a female entrepreneur myself, I don’t want my business to be leveraging on companies that are harming animals to make profits. Our product costs may be high (because of the ingredients), but we still price them affordably in the hope that more will switch to healthier and sustainable options.

What was your motivation to found Souley Green?

Souley Green started in 2016 to provide the community with a broader range of vegan and eco-friendly products. I saw a gap in the industry then and wanted to fill it. Back then, there were hardly any vegan options in Singapore – you got to hunt them down! It was also a hassle to check each product label in major supermarkets. That’s when the idea of Souley Green, being a destination for vegan & cruelty-free products, came about. We started out providing vast options of food and beauty products. Now we also have feminine hygiene products and household items!

Additionally, in 2018, we decided to raise the bar. Now with our parent company, Souley Collective, we sell vegan food products to independent stores and restaurants. We are not fans of the “mainstream” vegan meat alternatives, and we are sure there are other individuals like us. Hence our goal with Souley Collective is to provide our natural meat alternatives at friendlier prices to these stores and foodservice companies. For example, our Nature’s Charm Jackfruit in Brine is S$5.50/tin which contains two servings. It’s lighter on your wallet, especially for an everyday meal, as compared to the other vegan meat brands.

How do your products/services help people to live a more sustainable lifestyle? 

When we source for new vendors, we hope for them to be using sustainable packaging (less/no plastic the better). As consumers ourselves, we find it such a waste to have all the unnecessary packaging to be thrown away. Additionally, we send out our orders in recycled boxes and often urge our customers to reuse the boxes after they receive their orders. We also reuse packing supplies such as bubble wraps or padded envelopes which we obtain from our parcels, or donated by our customers. Since the start of this year, we have started to offer more zero-waste household products which some customers highly requested.

Favorite pick: Young Green Jackfruit in Brine

eco-friendly product


Green Jackfruit is the latest vegan craze, and for good reason! There are so many ways to use of jackfruit – in burrito bowls, curry/rendang, sandwiches or on salads.

Made from the finest selection of quality Thai produce, carefully picked in season and packed while fresh to deliver the perfect meat substitute.

Commonly used to replicate ‘Pulled Pork’.


Souley Green on the susGain app

Eco-friendly brand Souley Green on susGain
Eco-friendly shopping made easy & rewarding


 Find Souley Green on the susGain app HERE to earn cashback with your purchase at this eco-friendly brand and automatically support a local charity of your choice.

You can also read about Souley Green’s sustainability practises and their pledge to do even more! Please note that the link to the app listing only works on your mobile phone.

Meet Lorenzo Ang from Earthly Singapore

Lorenzo Ang

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability, to me, is a lifestyle. An individual moral conscience to make conscious choices in fulfilling personal needs. Being considerate in our actions not on the expense of resources from the future. Sustainability is being self-disciplined, determination for change and to be consistent in our actions.

What was your motivation to found Earthly Singapore?

My motivation behind Earthly Singapore is to spread the sustainability movement broader and further. Touching peoples life with my products. I would like to convince my users that a little inconvenience will bring more significant impact on the environment. An individual action could cause a ripple effect, through personal sharing and educating. Every product is a conversation piece to start someone’s sustainability journey.

How do your products help people to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Our products aim to replace the single-use product and reduce reliance of conventional disposable products. We hope to provide our users with a conscious choice and alternatives, in making their sustainable lifestyle much more convenient.

Favorite pick: Bamboo Thermal Flask 

Eco-friendly product from Earthly Singapore For Hot/cold Drinkers!
This flask will keep your drink to your desired temperature for 8-12hours.
It iss lined with 304 stainless-steel and the perfect flask to keep any drink regardless coffee, tea or juice!

Volume 380ml.

Earthly Singapore on the susGain app

Eco-friendly brand Earthly Singapore on susGain app
Eco-friendly Shopping made Easy & Rewarding


You can find Earthly Singapore on susGain HERE under the category Grocery & Household.

The app listing also features Earthly Singapore’s sustainability practises and the pledge to do even more! Purchase from this eco-friendly brand via the susGain app and do good for your wallet, the environment and charity of your choice!
Please note that the link to the app listing only works on your mobile phone.


Meet Marlene Johler from Nature Leaf 

Marlene Johler from eco-friendly brand Nature Leaf

Do you have a quote or saying you live by?

The quote I live by is “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” by Mark Twain. I find that this is true for any situation in life, whether it’s business, housework or getting fit. Once you get started everything that follows gets much easier. Nowadays, we often overthink instead of trying things out which results in us feeling paralyzed instead of empowered. Taking a step forward brings you closer to your goals and makes you feel happier because you see the progress you are making.

What was your motivation to found Nature Leaf?

When I launched Nature Leaf I had two distinct goals in mind.
I’m very picky about what I put into my body and was looking for better, more natural supplements. Being healthy is so important! That’s why our supplements are vegan, non-GMO, free from unnecessary fillers, and made in Germany.
At the same time, I wanted to create a business with sustainability as a core value. I love to watch documentaries, but when you see the pollution our consumption creates it leaves me horrified every time. At Nature Leaf, we want to do our part in protecting the environment.

How do your products help people to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Eco-friendly Nature Leaf ProductCreating a brand that has sustainability at its core was very important for us, that’s why our products help people live a more sustainable lifestyle in multiple ways.
Firstly, you only need one capsule of our supplement per day, which means that one bottle will last for three months. Hence, our customers don’t have to re-order constantly, which results in using fewer packaging materials, less deliveries and less carbon emissions.
Secondly, we plant one tree for every 150 bottles sold with Singapore’s Plant-A-Tree Programme. We love that Singapore is so green and want it to stay the lush garden it is.
Last, but not least, we compensate for the carbon emissions the transport of our products causes through emission certificates. Our goal is to be completely carbon neutral within the next two years. All in all, we want our customers to be able to do something good for their health and the environment with every purchase of a Nature Leaf product.

Nature Leaf on the susGain app

Eco-friendly brand Nature Leaf on susGain
Eco-friendly Shopping made Easy & Rewarding

Click HERE and find the eco-friendly brand Nature Leaf on your susGain app (Beauty & Health) to earn cashback with your purchase and automatically support a local charity of your choice.

The app listing also features Nature Leaf’s sustainability practises and the pledge to do even more!

Please note that the link to the app listing only works on your mobile phone.




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