Our Corporate Solutions

Achieve your corporate ESG and Employee Engagement goals with our Corporate Solutions. We engage employees in a fun and rewarding way to take action.

Our sustainability talks and workshops empower with knowledge and hands-on advice on how to adopt sustainable and socially responsible habits. In order to nudge behavioural change, we offer gamified plug & play or bespoke sustainability challenges. Employees are the driving force for any successful strategy implementation.
Start your ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) journey by empowering your employees to think and act ESG first!

Achieving Corporate ESG Goals with Talks and Workshops


Inspiring talks and workshops to engage and excite your teams to take climate action. 

Popular topics include:

  • Sustainable Living in Singapore – Debunking common myth and how to kickstart your green journey
  • Boost your wellbeing by embracing a more sustainable lifestyle
  • How to generate & activate conscious consumers in Singapore
  • Sustainability & eco-entrepreneurship in Singapore
Achieving Corporate ESG Goals with Team Challenges


Our customized challenges promote and encourage sustainability among employees through behavioural change.

Key deliverables:

  • Get employees involved and engaged
  • Create behavioural change
  • Track & measure the impact

The challenge is facilitated through Plug & Play with the existing susGain app or a customized integrated app.

Bespoke Solutions


Partner with us for your sustainability related projects and events.

Share with us more details about the sustainability initiative you would like to implement in your organisation. We can then advise you how susGain or any of our community partners can assist you.

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Nudging Sustainable Behaviours

Our 4-pronged approach to catalyze change attitudes in employees:


  • Create a sense of purpose
  • Strengthen cross-departmental collaborations
  • Connect with corporate values
  • Increase tangibility of company strategy/goals
  • Educate and advocate


  • Provide infrastructure
  • Connect stakeholders
  • Remove barriers
  • Showcase viable alternatives


  • Reward desired actions
  • Gamify the experience
  • Earn recognition within the organisation and amongst peers
  • Nurture the company culture


  • Lead by example
  • Share success stories
  • Develop frameworks
  • Measure impact
Example of susGain Solution for Corporate ESG Goals

How to engage your employees with sustainability?

Learn more about how to drive corporate sustainability through behavioral change in employees through a 5 weeks 'Sustainability Team Challenge’ for employees of the Grey Group Singapore office.

Download our Case Study by clicking below.
Achieving Corporate ESG Goals with Employee Engagement

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“Driving sustainability behaviour change starts with yourself. So a natural first step of launching Sustainably Grey was to get our employees educated and engaged. Susgain’s competition was a highly motivating way to get everyone excited.”

 “SusGain delivered an engaging webinar session packed with interesting content and fun facts that was very helpful in getting each one of us choosing from a variety of options towards saving our planet!”

“Carolin was inspirational in motivating the APAC and SG team in making incremental changes to being more environmentally sustainable through thoughtful questions and real controversies. We certainly learnt a whole bunch!”