How it works

SusGain rewards you for the little steps you take towards living more sustainably.
But it doesn’t stop here; making green businesses your preferred choice will increase the available options in Singapore. In addition, it will also trigger more support for good causes in our community.
Let your sustainability journey begin!
Video explaining cash back rewards app for sustainable living in Singapore

Follow these 5 steps to start
making a difference today

  • Download FREE susGain app and create your account.
  • Choose a cause/charity that you would like to support.

Browse and discover:

  • Eco-conscious stores
  • Water refill stations
  • Recycling points
  • BYO locations
  • Donation points
  • Clothing swaps
  • Events
  • …and more

  • Scan QR code to earn susGain Points for your green choices and actions.
  • The more susGain Points accumulated, the higher your rewards tier and impact.

  • For purchases at a partnering business in store or online, instantly earn cashback on your net spend.
  • SusGain gives an equal percentage to the cause/charity closest to your heart.

Redeem for Impact

  • Spend your cashback rewards at a partnering business.
  • For greatest impact, donate it to the cause/charity that you are most passionate about.

Hear from others

“Can’t wait for the app launch. I like the idea of getting rewarded for doing good!”

“I have recently started to have a more plant based diet and also like to BYO. Can’t wait to explore the susGain app. It will make my life much easier!”

“I am very much looking forward to the launch of SusGain! It is the ONE service app that was missing to help me achieve more green steps in an easier way! I can’t wait to start using it!”