Our Sustainability Framework

All susGain businesses actively work on reducing their impact on the environment and have committed to do even more!

In order to be listed on susGain, a business must fulfill both of these conditions:

Minimum 1 Sustainability Badge


Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability Pledge

How do we assess impact?

Learn more about how our badges link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the areas in which we assess our partnering businesses.
Download our Sustainability Framework by clicking below.
Sustainability framework sustainable development goals

Our Sustainability Badges

SusGain has developed a simple framework. We use this guideline in order to identify and evaluate the businesses’ activities which have a positive ecological and social impact.

Our framework is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It consists of eight badge categories. Businesses can choose in each category, from a list of concrete measures that their organisation can adopt to contribute to the overall sustainability goals.

Most importantly, a business receives a sustainability badge only if it makes a verifiable contribution to at least one measure in any category.

In addition, we strive together with businesses to reduce their environmental footprint even further. We re-award our badges on a biennial basis to reinforce their commitment.

Sustainability Pledge

The Sustainability Pledge is the commitment that a business makes towards improving its sustainability practices. The pledge must include tangible actions that can be implemented by the business within a 2-year time frame.

“We will undergo a review of our supply chain to understand our carbon foot-print and actively work on reducing it. Where not possible, we will look at carbon off-setting options. We also continue to look for alternate sustainable materials to be incorporated into our shoes which would make it vegan.”

“With sustainability and transparency at heart, we aim to improve ourselves even further to become 100% vegan, fully carbon-neutral and increase our involvement in social actions by joining the 1% for the planet initiative.”

”We aim to plant 20,000 trees by 2025 for different causes, the currently chosen one is Forest & Wildlife supporting the Sundarbans National Park West Bengal a sanctuary for Bengal Tigers.” 

“We pledge to introduce refillable options for our scents and perfumes within the next two years.”

“Quinbi pledges to continue actively supporting local and international female empowerment projects. Through our mission, we will continue to introduce sustainable feminine products and reduce packaging waste in the products that are retailed in our store.”

“We plan to introduce PET reusable crockery into the market in order to replace the current melamine/porcelain wares that are non-recyclable after their lifetime.”

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