FeaturedPower couple-preneur drives eco-friendly switch in Singapore community

December 27, 2021by susGain

In an interview by the Startup SG team of Enterprise Singapore, we shared about the origins of susGain, our strategy to acquire new app users and our 2022 plans.

In short, here is our advice to aspiring enterpreneurs:

“Don’t give up too fast. Being an entrepreneur is a marathon and not a sprint. When you set out on the entrepreneurship journey, be sure to carefully consider your business model, team and internal structures that will allow you to stay in the game. Also, join networks and communities to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking building. Most challenges that businesses encounter are not unique to them. It pays off to have a support system to guide you along your entrepreneurship journey!

Read the full article here.


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susGain makes sustainable living more accessible, fun and rewarding. Check out our sustainable rewards app to see how you can turn your green actions into points, trees, cashback and charity donations.

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