Accelerating the change towards a more sustainable nation.

We are a social enterprise on a mission to better connect the different eco and socially conscious stakeholders in Singapore to accelerate the change towards a more sustainable nation.

While the awareness for sustainability and climate change has never been higher and all stakeholders agree that more needs to be done, there is one fundamental issue: A huge intention-action gap, which prevents us from translating our awareness into concrete actions.

SusGain has been founded to close the intention-action gap and empower consumers, businesses and our community to kickstart their sustainability journey and actively work on creating positive environmental and social impact.

With our rewards app susGain, we make sustainable choices convenient, fun and rewarding.

Our vision for sustainable living in Singapore

Our Mission

To empower consumers, businesses and other community members in
Singapore to drive the change towards sustainability.

Our Impact

Turning good intentions in to action!
SusGain provides a platform that connects the different stakeholders and incentivizes them for creating positive environmental and social impact.


  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Earn points and rewards for doing good
  • Drive change in the local business landscape
  • Support causes and charities you care about


We collectively:

  • Increase sustainable lifestyle options
  • Support Singapore‚Äôs zero-waste mission
  • Drive the adoption of eco-friendly habits
  • Connect stakeholders for greater impact


  • Feature your eco friendly products and sustainable practices
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Strengthen brand image and competitive edge
  • Contribute to the greater good of our community


  • Champion your cause to an audience that cares
  • Receive additional funding
  • Attract corporate donors and CSR projects
  • Promote your events and activities