We need more collective effort to protect our earth

While we are excited to see a growing number of green businesses and ecopreneurships in Singapore, the local sustainability movement is still far from hitting the critical masses.

In order to drive real change and make an impact, we strongly believe that it requires a large number of stakeholders across all domains to come together and work on it collectively.

Given these points, we crunched our brains on:

How can we play our part in connecting eco-conscious consumers, businesses, charities and the wider community in a simple way?


How can we create mutual benefit for all of them – and therefore get the ball rolling? After that, fuelled by an urge to act, we started analysing the best possibilities.

This is how susGain came to life.

Our vision for sustainable living in Singapore

Our Mission

To equally empower consumers, businesses and other community members in
Singapore to drive the change towards sustainability.

Our Impact

We need more collective effort to protect our earth
SusGain provides a platform that connects environmentally conscious stakeholders across all domains
in a system that generates value for each of them.


  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Earn points and rewards for doing good
  • Drive change in the local business landscape
  • Support causes and charities you care about


We collectively:

  • Increase sustainable lifestyle options
  • Support Singapore’s zero-waste mission
  • Drive the adoption of eco-friendly habits
  • Connect stakeholders for greater impact
susGain's Impact Framework


  • Feature your eco friendly products and sustainable practices
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Strengthen brand image and competitive edge
  • Contribute to the greater good of our community


  • Champion your cause to an audience that cares
  • Receive additional funding
  • Attract corporate donors and CSR projects
  • Promote your events and activities