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January 15, 2024by Aparna

Starting the new year on a positive note is something all of us look forward to. And what better way than to get your home organised once and for all by decluttering? A tidy home doesn’t just make everything look nice, but it also reduces stress, enabling you to only be surrounded by things you absolutely love using. When there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, clutter never rebounds! You also become more intentional while deciding confidently what to bring into your life during future purchases.

I hope the following tips will help you get started!


Guilt-Free Decluttering 

When we declutter our homes, we often feel guilty of discarding items we no longer use. We fear what will happen if we may one day be in need of that item. The KonMari® Method teaches us to let go of the past and not worry about what the future holds. Instead, start focusing on being mindful. This helps in motivating us to enjoy living in the present, be content and grateful. If we do decide to keep such an item, for instance a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit at the moment, it would be good to ask ourselves: “Am I doing an activity that makes me happy to be able to fit into this soon or do I feel frustrated putting in the effort?” If it’s the latter, it’s time to let that item go with grace and thank it for serving you well when it did.

Understanding Your Vision for Your Home

Unlike what most conventional professional organisers tell you to do, decluttering should first start with committing to the method. You must first understand what your vision for your home is, ideal lifestyle and values. Once you have clarity in this first important step, only then can you use this awareness to guide you in your tidying efforts. Don’t be in a rush to buy fancy organisers, you’ll have more than enough in your home when you complete your tidying!

How to Declutter by Category

Start tidying according to category and not location of your home. This helps to ascertain how much you own and reevaluate your purchasing and storage habits. The KonMari® tidying method sets you up for success in your tidying journey and hones your decision-making skills on what to keep based on your special ‘joy-meter’. It starts with easier categories like clothing before moving on to books, papers, miscellaneous items and finally the sentimental category (something like running a marathon unlike a sprint!). It teaches you what to keep based on what gives you happiness rather than what to discard. This helps to tidy with a positive mindset which trains your mind to look at other areas of your life as well in the same way. Only once this is complete can you think of discarding your items with gratitude (thus reframing the mindset around guilt). Then think of where and how to store them using what you have.

Before you declutter, think of which area in your home will be your temporary “holding corner” for discarded items. Have a game plan of how you will sell, recycle or donate these items. This will prevent the overwhelm after you complete tidying a particular category.


How to Dispose of Unwanted Items

Let susGain help you to give your unwanted items a second life!

On the susGain app you can easily find places to sell, donate or recycle items for different categories in the Zero Waste section. Furhermore, earn points to redeem impact rewards for your green actions! You can also head down to any of the locations below to donate or recycle your items!


Pre-Loved Fashion & Accessories in Great Condition

To Swap 

  • Swapaholic: 176 Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint #02-04A, Singapore 238843, opens daily 12pm-9pm.
  • The Fashion Pulpit: 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery #02-08, Singapore 068815, opens Tues-Sun 11am-7pm, closed on Mon & Public Holidays.
  • CLOOP: Fashion swap events are listed on the susGain app under the events calendar.

To Sell 

To Donate


To Trade In Your Books

To Donate 

PCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets

To Donate or Repair

  • Digital Hospital
  • KGS: Works with charities like Engineering Good and SG Bono to collect, repair and distribute working laptops to low-income families, equipping them with an equal chance to learn and work in the digital world. Click here to donate and arrange for logistics.
  • PC Dreams

Other Pre-Loved Items

To Sell or Donate

Non-Expired Canned Foods

To Donate


Packaging Materials

To Donate

Paper, Magazines, Cardboard

To Recycle


Plastic Bottles & Aluminium Cans

To Recycle

Other Donation Items & Recyclables

To Donate and Recycle


Sustainable Living through Mindful Decluttering

With the susGain app you have another motivation to declutter our home. The app helps you to give your unwanted items a second life! With every sustainable action you take, you are rewarded with susGain points which can be used to redeem any of our three impact rewards – planting a tree, donating a meal or removing trash from the ocean.


Article written by susGain partner Aparna Sundar | KonMari® Consultant at Global Mindful Journey

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