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January 18, 2023by Tessa Neo

When it comes to caring for the environment and community, every contribution counts. From individual action to corporate programmes, we’re all working toward a common goal! As an organisation, you might be looking for new ways your people can contribute to meaningful causes. This can create opportunities for bonding in the workplace too! This guide hopes to make your search a little bit easier. 


We want to start small!

No act is too small when it comes to caring for the environment and community around you. If you’ve only got little budget and time to spend but hope to bring sustainability into your workplace events, start with these ideas.



workplace sustainability workshop beeswax reusable wraps
Workshops are a great way to spark an interest in sustainable living habits. Learn a new skill, take away your own handmade item and bond with your co-workers too! These are some of our favorites: runs fashion upcycling workshops, teaching you how to reuse clothes in new and innovative ways. For example, upcycle an old t-shirt into a tote bag or create an art piece from textile scraps. The Sustainability Project holds workshops to make your own beeswax wraps – a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. Also, Minimize runs workshops to create non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products for the home.


Sustainability Awareness Courses

What better way than to pick up sustainable habits than by learning from the experts? SecondsGuru, a local social enterprise, runs sustainability courses for corporates with the aim to bring eco-mindsets to the workplace. GreenPush runs sustainability workshops and talks to empower employees in their  journey. These talks equip participants with the know-how to put sustainable practises into action, in the workplace and at home.

Learning Journeys 

Embarking on a learning journey is a great way to create a lasting impact on most. Experiencing things first-hand will drive home the importance of adopting sustainable practices. For example become more mindful about how our food is grown or learn about the importance of reducing waste. Pay a visit to City Sprouts, an urban farm  in Singapore. They run farm tours and workshops for corporate partners. Go behind-the-scenes to learn more about food security in Singapore and how individual acts can have an impact on the environment. Looking for something more unique? Insectta would be another place to embark on a farm tour. This urban insect farm relies on the black soldier fly to turn food waste into valuable materials to be used in various industries.


We want to take it a step further. 

For companies that have more time to dedicate, these mid-term engagement options might be for you.



Actions speaks volumes! Volunteering helps bring you closer to your community. Here a few options to explore:

Waterways Watch Singapore aims to keep Singapore’s waterways clean and hosts numerous programmes for corporate partners. You may also reach out to the Food Bank Singapore to explore how your people can support their 360 member beneficiaries through volunteering. Gather your coworkers to commit to doing good for the community is a great way to give back and learn.

sustainability workplace coaching

Sustainability Coaching Sessions

To ensure the longevity of sustainability practices in your workplace and to continue the learning from sustainability workshops, coaching sessions are the next step to take. GreenPush runs such co-creation workshops to help corporate clients develop green practices suited to their workplace and build a collaborative Green Team as well! Joy of Sustainability combines positive psychology, design and management to help corporate clients reach their sustainability targets. 


We’re ready to commit to something with lasting impact!

If you are looking for a cost effective programme to engage all of your people in Singapore and/or across the region whilst producing measurable results and driving long-term behavioural change, susGain is here to help.

Through gamified app challenges, employees are encouraged to practice eco-habits inside and outside the office, be it recycling more, saving energy or printing less. These actions are then recorded on the app and employees compete to win prizes and recognition for their green habits. Project stakeholders are able to measure engagement rates, resource savings and the collective impact created. Over just a few weeks, a ‘Sustainability First’ mindset shift emerges and eco-habits become a part of your people’s daily routines at work and beyond.

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